Shortcuts 2.0

Everything on your Mac at your fingertips!


Unfortunately, Shortcuts has been discontinued as we focused on developing Remotix. Shortcuts still works fine in most cases but will receive no updates in the future. By proceeding with purchase, you agree to use the application as is.


Shortcuts allows you to create, manage, and see your favorite shortcuts in one convenient location. Shortcuts can be set for:
  • Applications
  • Folders & Files
  • System Actions
  • Shell scripts & Applescripts
  • Websites


You can launch applications like iCal, iTunes, and Mail by pressing a keystroke. You can easily reconfigure shortcuts and choose any other apps or keyboard keys.

Shell & Applescripts

The built-in script editor allows you not only to import an existing script, but to also create a new one right in the app, perform a test run, make corrections, save or export it to your hard drive.

Folders & Files

It's very convenient to assign a simple shortcut to a file or folder you constantly work with.

System Actions

You don't need extra function keys like Play & Pause, Increase & Decrease Volume, Sleep, Restart & Shutdown because you can easily control System, Volume, Screen and Apps with Shortcuts.


You can assign shortcuts to websites you like to visit and open them at any time. And, of course, you can replace one URL with another, if your tastes or work situation change.


Some user-chosen shortcuts may already exist for another action. If a new shortcut conflicts with a system one, the application asks you either to choose another combination or to override the system shortcut.




System requirements

Intel-based Mac
Mac OS X 10.6 or later

What's new in Version 2.0.1

Full Retina support
Ability to assign shortcuts to iTunes actions
Optional action notifier
Integrated videocard switching support