Remotix 6 for iOS

Fast, secure and feature-packed remote desktop tool
Gorgeous, simple and powerful.
With anywhere access and RD Gateway.

MAC APPS ON THE GO with complete Apple Screen Sharing experience.

Apple Adaptive Codec

If you have average or slow internet connection, Apple adaptive codec provides the best remote desktop experience.

Session Select

If there is someone on remote Mac, you can select whether to ask for sharing the screen or to start your session separately.

Native Gestures

Zoom, pinch, pan and two-finger scroll like on your MacBook.

Integrated Encryption

Remotix supports Apple Screen Sharing built-in encryption available on OS X Mavericks and later.

International Keyboard Input

Includes special Keyboard-through-Clipboard mode for hassle-free multilanguage input.

Multiple Displays

Have two, three or nine displays? Not a problem. Use combined mode to see them all or select each one separately.

Rich Pasteboard

Remotix automatically shares the pasteboard with your Mac. Including pictures and RTF.

Curtain Mode

You can lock remote screen to secure the operations.

ANYWHERE RDP or run Windows apps on your iPad

RD Gateway

Stay connected. Latest Remotix release features complete RD Gateway support.

Dynamic Resolution Change

If you rotate the device or use Slide Over, remote resolution is changed on-the-fly.

Bidirectional Sound

Work or play, listen to music, watch a movie or even operate Voice-over-IP applications, such as Skype or Google Talk.

Network Speed Adaptation

Connection is automatically adjusted to give you the best possible performance for your current network speed.

Automatic Clipboard Synchronization

Share texts, images and RTF between iOS and Windows.

Fully Unicode Capable

Enter text on your PC in multiple languages with no hassle using standard iOS keyboard.



REMOTIX CLOUD Easily access all computers from anywhere.

Connected Everywhere

Access your machines even if they're behind firewall or NAT.

Trusted Users

Share machines with colleagues using Trusted Users list.

Quick Connect

Want to help a friend behind the computer? Quickly connect by Computer ID and Access Code with zero setup.

Web Included

Manage computers and send messages from Remotix Cloud web interface.


  • Built-in SSH tunneling for both RDP and VNC.
  • Built-in Apple Screen Sharing encryption.
  • All sensitive data like usernames and passwords is securely stored in iOS keychain and is only available on your device.
  • Master password or Touch ID protection from unattended access.


  • "The app instantly recognized my iMac on the network. I authenticated and that was it. I especially like the touchpad feature".

    by crod1a
    App Store
  • "I've tried everything else to control my Mac mini media center that sits headless in my closet. This app is the best, hands down. Goes on my top 5 greatest products for 2011".

    by Chris Bruce
    App Store
  • "Easy set up on the Mac. I like that it has an option to not keep thumbnails. Updated often. Highly recommended."

    by Melvin Soriano
    App Store
System requirements: iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 8.0 or later.