Remotix 8 for Android

Fast, secure and feature-packed remote desktop tool
Includes NEAR:
Hardware-accelerated low-latency remote desktop protocol.
Remotix for Android

CONNECT WITH NEAR And enjoy NEARly local remote desktop experience

H.264 Based Remote Desktop

Hardware-accelerated H.264 encoding enables playing games and watching videos remotely.

Nulana Adaptive Codec

H.264 is great for video and adaptive codec provides the best picture for work.

File Transfer (New!)

The complete file manager with ability to transfer files between local and remote machines. Lightning fast.

Multiple Displays (New!)

See all your remote displays simultaneously or individualy. Resolution can be adjusted.

Sound Redirection

Remote sound playback. For both Mac and Windows.

Pasteboard Sharing

Remotix automatically shares the pasteboard between your and remote machines. Including pictures and RTF.

Session Select (New!)

If there are multiple desktop sessions on remote machine, you can select the one to connect. For both Mac and Windows.

Automatic Discovery (New!)

Machines with Remotix Agent (and NEAR) are now discovered and displayed automatically.

Full Encryption

Complete end-to-end AES encryption.

Curtain Mode

Lock remote screen to secure the operations.

APPLE SCREEN SHARING The only Android client with complete Apple Screen Sharing support.

Apple Adaptive Codec

If you have average or slow internet connection, Apple adaptive codec provides the best remote desktop experience.

Session Select

If there is someone on remote Mac, you can select whether to ask for sharing the screen or to start your session separately.

Native Gestures

Zoom, pinch, pan and two-finger scroll like on your MacBook.

Integrated Encryption

Remotix supports Apple Screen Sharing built-in encryption available on OS X Mavericks and later.

International Keyboard Input

Includes special Keyboard-through-Clipboard mode for hassle-free multilanguage input.

Multiple Displays

Have two, three or nine displays? Not a problem. Use combined mode to see them all or select each one separately.

Rich Pasteboard

Remotix automatically shares the pasteboard with your Mac. Including pictures and RTF.

Curtain Mode

You can lock remote screen to secure the operations.

ADVANCED RDP or run Windows apps on your Android.

Enhanced Graphics & H.264

Enjoy smooth video and games. Remotix supports hardware-accelerated H.264 in RDP when connecting to Windows 10.

Dynamic Resolution Change

If you rotate the device, remote resolution is changed on-the-fly.

RD Gateway

Stay connected. Latest Remotix release features complete RD Gateway support.

Network Speed Adaptation

Connection is automatically adjusted to give you the best possible performance for your current network speed.

Bidirectional Sound

Work or play, listen to music, watch a movie or even operate Voice-over-IP applications, such as Skype or Google Talk.

Filesystem Redirection

Access your Mac files as a folder on remote Windows machine. Literally.

Fully Unicode Capable

Enter text on your PC in multiple languages with no hassle using any Android keyboard.

Automatic Clipboard Synchronization

Copy and paste plain text, rich text and pictures between Mac and Windows.



REMOTIX CLOUD Easily access all computers from anywhere.

Connected Everywhere

Access your machines even if they're behind firewall or NAT.

Remotix Hub

Proactively monitor and manage your computers with Remotix Hub - Remotix Cloud web interface.

Trusted Users

Share machines with colleagues using Trusted Users list.

Quick Connect

Want to quickly help someone? Tell him to get Remotix Quick Connect, no install required.


  • NEAR connections are two-way encrypted using AES.
  • RDP traffic is secured using SSL/TLS or built-in RDP encryption.
  • Built-in SSH tunneling for both RDP and VNC.
  • Built-in Apple Screen Sharing encryption.
  • All sensitive data like usernames and passwords is securely stored in keychain and is only available on your device.
  • Master password protection from unattended access.


  • All stored connections are automatically synchronized via Remotix Cloud and always available on all your devices.
  • Remotix Cloud Keychain (New!): securily synchronize credentials.
  • Love your new Android in dark mode? Remotix comes in dark too.
  • Network scanner for easy nearby computer discovery.
  • Have an external keyboard? Use it with Remotix and turn your tablet into really cool thin-client.
  • Want to use physical mouse? Remotix supports USB and Bluetooth mice.
  • Use cursor-zoom option to make cursor more visible on huge remote screens.
  • Remotix fully supports Android Q, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.
  • URL schemes for easy integration with third-party apps.
  • We've added HUD display of current connection parameters, including current rate, total bytes used and total time connected.
  • Due to extensive optimizations, Remotix is not only the fastest remote desktop on a planet, but also makes your battery happy.


  • "Greatest app of all time. 1 of 3 first installs when I get a new device. I recommend to everyone. None compare. Well worth every cent. You guys are on top of your game."

    Cody Diehl
    Google Play
  • "Works great and looks good. Tested with Mac OSX Lion. Auto detected perfectly. Totally recommended. "

    by Luciano
    Google Play
  • "It's the best VNC viewer around on Android right now. "

    by tmb
    Google Play
System requirements: Android 5 or higher.