Remotix RDP 5 for Android

Fast, secure and feature-packed RDP client


  • Control from anywhere with zero network setup
  • Sound playback & recording
  • NLA & TLS authentication and SSH tunneling
  • Automatic PC discovery with network scanners
  • Clipboard synchronization, both text and images
  • File redirection
  • External keyboard support
  • International keyboard input
  • Application Help is available online

Comfortable Remote Management

Remotix RDP supports the full set of multi-touch gestures for convenient control of the remote machine, including pan, zoom, scroll and right mouse click. You can also select between touch-based or touchpad-mode control interfaces.

Anywhere Access

Connect while on a go! No need to carry the laptop anymore. Remotix is now able to connect to any machine in any network with zero configuration. See RemotixCloud.com for details.

Complete sound support

Both with sound playback and recording, you can use Remotix RDP to operate Voice-over-IP applications on your remote machine, such as Skype.

File Redirection

Make your Android device available on the remote machine as a Hard Disk Drive named "Files on Remotix".


Remotix RDP provides complete SSH tunneling both with password and public key authentication methods. All sensitive data, such as usernames and passwords, is stored in the encrypted keychain.

External Keyboard Support

Equipped with a physical keyboard, Remotix RDP becomes a really powerful substitution for your laptop. Plug in the keyboard to work or play on the remote machine, just like it’s in front of you.

Automatic Discovery of PCs

Remotix automatically discovers all nearby PCs using NetBIOS. There are also LAN and IP range scanners with the automatic setup to locate Windows machines.

International Keyboard Input

With complete international keyboard input, you just type in the characters your Android keyboard is set up to, with no hassle. Even on several languages simultaneously.




System requirements

Any device with Android 4 or higher

What's new in 5.0

Introducing Remotix Cloud!
Connect to any PC from anywhere without any networking configuration or setup. Managing your computers from the web interface is also included! More info at RemotixCloud.com