Launcher 2.0

A useful utility that speeds up the way you work on your Mac!


Launcher is a free application that provides instant access to almost everything on your Mac:
  • Applications;
  • Search engines;
  • Dictionary and Calculator;
  • Files, Folders & URLs;
  • Scripts, system commands, and more.

Application Launcher

Launch applications any way you'd like:
  • Type the application name;
  • Use abbreviations like "qt" for "QuickTime Player";
  • Create custom commands and assign them to apps.

File Browser with QuickLook option

The built-in File Browser provides an easy way to navigate through your folders and files. Start query with / or ~ to browse your Mac, and pick files/folders to open, preview in QuickLook, and reveal in Finder.


Launcher can be used as a superfast dictionary. Look up word definitions, choose the most suitable ones and copy them for further use right from the app.

Advanced Calculator

Launcher contains a built-in multi-precision calculator that allows you to perform simple and complex calculations. Enter any expression to see the result and copy it for further use in other documents and calculations.

Fast Access to Files, Folders & URLs

Launcher is a flexible replacement for aliases. You can open certain files and folders with simple commands or abbreviations. URLs can be opened the same way to make your favorite websites easier to reach.

Web Searches

Choose your favorite among the dozens of search engines like Google and Yahoo, then assign them to short commands and send search queries right from the Launcher!


Launcher helps to simplify most common everyday actions like Mute, Play/Pause, Restart, Shutdown and others.


Shell commands can be quickly executed without




System requirements

Intel-based Mac
Mac OS X 10.6 or later

What's new in Version 2.0

Stability improvements
Retina icons
OS X Mavericks compatibility