Flexiglass 1.7

Working with windows on a Mac couldn't be any easier


Flexiglass features complete and convenient window management with exclusive multi-touch gestures support, offering a simple way to manage many windows on a Mac with a mouse, keyboard, trackpad, and graphics tablet. It includes different tools to move, resize, and arrange windows on the screen easily and joyfully.

Move & Resize

Usually, when you want to move or resize a window on a Mac you are limited by its title bar or lower-right corner. Flexiglass adds a Linux style Alt-Dragging to manage windows.

Multi-Touch Gestures

You can use finger gestures on your MacBook trackpad or Magic trackpad to move and resize windows. Flexiglass can save different settings for a trackpad and mouse and automatically change them when you plug or unplug devices.

Quick Layouts

Quick Layouts is an intuitive snap feature. It is a simple solution for working with multiple windows which can be resized to take up halves or quarters of the screen or full screen.

Quick Layout Shortcuts

User-defined shortcuts allow you to move windows to halves or quarters of the screen and back to original size.

Real Zoom & Real Close

These options make title bar buttons much more useful. Right-clicking on the green Zoom button will truly maximize a window to full screen. Right-clicking on the Close window button will quit the application.

Double-click to Zoom

Double-clicking on the window title bar is the easiest way to expand it to full screen.




System requirements

Intel-based Mac
OS X 10.9 or later

What's new in Version 1.7

Mojave compatibility fixes