01 July
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Awesome charts for your app with more affordable NChart3D for iOS and newly released NChart3D for Mac!

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of NChart3D 1.5 for Mac, a universal charting framework that enables stunning data visualization. Do you like NChart3D for iOS? Now you can create remarkable data visualizations in Mac apps as well!

NChart3D for OS X uses hardware-accelerated OpenGL based graphics that allows for the rendering of large amounts of data with excellent lighting effects while remaining responsive to user interactions. It’s extremely easy to use the framework inside the Objective-C Mac application, thanks to NChart3D Cocoa API. NChart3D 1.5 supports various different 2D and 3D chart types covering all the most popular analytical and scientific data visualization cases.

Check it out yourself on our web site.

Download the demo app we developed to show you the main features of NChart3D.

Buy the license today – start to develop stunning applications with gorgeous charts and to distribute them in Mac App Store right now.

Considering needs of all developers, we offer two versions of the NChart3D: Standard and Pro. Standard version is limited to two dimensions, but it still enables data processing, animations, high visual quality, flexible axes, interactivity and advanced customizations to develop excellent applications. The Pro version of NChart3D brings data visualization to a new level with 3D charts and real-time data updating.

Existing NChart3D users can continue to use the Pro version of the framework.

The following chart types are supported:

  • Column and cylindrical column
  • Bar and cylindrical bar
  • Area
  • Line and step line
  • Ribbon (3D line)
  • Pie and doughnut
  • Bubble and scatter
  • Candlestick and OHLC
  • Surface
  • Funnel
  • Sequence
  • Radar
  • Band

The main features of NChart3D are:

  • 2D and 3D data visualization
  • Animations
  • High image quality
  • Multitouch
  • Different axes types
  • Multiple value axes
  • Deep customization
  • Automatic data processing (including optional data smoothing)
  • Integration with UIKit and Cocoa

NChart3D works with iOS 5+ and OS X 10.7+

We also have special offer for those who are interested in Mac apps as well as in iOS apps. You can buy the bundle NChart3D for iOS and OS X with 25% discount!

Interested in grids and charts together? We have another bundle for you: NChart3D for iOS Pro + NGrid with 25% off too.

More information on our web site.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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