18 December

Remotix VNC & RDP 2.1 for Mac

After we've changed the design of the Remotix for iOS, now it's the turn of the Remotix for Mac OS X. The Version 2.1 has a completely new UI, offering even more convenient way to control multiple computers running Mac OS X, Windows and Linux from anywhere.

The Version 2.1 includes not just a new design, but also some new features like Multi-Touch gestures that go to the remote machine, server categories, and master password. The new version brings Multi-Touch gestures to the remote desktop (Apple Screen Sharing only). Zoom, smart zoom, scroll and rotation - they are all work to make remote access a breeze. Server categories allow users a convenient way to save and organize all of their connections. Master password protects the app from unattended access.

New features:

  • New design!
  • Multi-Touch gestures go to the remote machine (Apple Screen Sharing only)
  • Server categories
  • Master password to protect the app from unattended access

Bug fixes:

  • OS X Mavericks Screen Sharing encrypted connection fixes
  • RDP crash fixes
  • RDP timezone redirection fixes
  • OS X Mavericks font issue fixed
  • Caps Lock works on the remote machine
  • Non-selectable .ssh files fixed

Remotix VNC & RDP 2.1 for Mac is USD $39.99 and available for purchase on the Mac App Store and Nulana website.

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