09 June
Remotix Cloud

Remotix Agents are first to get the update

Today we are starting to roll out updates to Remotix with the launch of new versions of Remotix Agents for Mac and Windows. Remotix Agent is a piece of software that should be installed on the computer to make it accessible remotely from absolutely anywhere. The update brings several significant improvements and fixes for Remotix Agent for Windows.

Here is the list:

1) SOCKS proxy support;

2) higher image quality on Windows 7;

3) improved handling of Ctrl+Alt+Del on Windows logon;

4) Agent for Mac now checks if a user has granted permissions to control the mouse and keyboard on Mohave;

5) for the cloned VM with Remotix Agent installed, we’ve implemented the easy way to reset the Computer ID (for both Mac and Windows).

Last but not least, we took our time to fix a bunch of hangs and crashes to give Remotix users the most fluid and seamless remote experience.

The updated Remotix Agents for Mac and Windows are already available on Remotix Cloud website.

This release is the first from the series of updates to Remotix solution that will be presented soon. There will be some long-awaited features as well as more than a few surprises. So stay with us.

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