07 December

NEAR is now available on Remotix 7 for Android

Earlier this autumn we have presented our own remote desktop protocol called NEAR. Until now it was available for macOS, iOS, and Windows. Now with the release of Remotix 7 our modern, low-latency remote desktop protocol can be used on Android too! The NEAR brings hardware accelerated H.264 based desktop experience, network adaptivity, remote sound transfer, transparent multi language input and automatic clipboard synchronization.

To use NEAR, install latest Remotix Agent on the target computers. For more information, check

In addition to the implementing NEAR, we have also added a few new features and here they are:

Remotix Cloud Sync

Remotix can automatically synchronize your server list across all your devices once you log in to Remotix Cloud.

Hardware-accelerated H.264 support for RDP connections

Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 include the capability of transferring desktop picture using H.264, dramatically improving the user experience.

Multiple Groups

All the stored computers now can be partitioned into multiple groups (previously known as categories), giving you more precise way to organize them.

Separate SSH and RDG settings

SSH and Remote Desktop Gateway servers are now managed separately from your stored computers. That means that once you have an SSH or RDG server configured, you can use that same configuration for all your stored computers.

Unified Network Scanner

We've merged NetBIOS, LAN and Bonjour scanners into one "Unified" scanner, so it's now easier to locate nearby computers.

As always we'll be grateful for positive Play Store review. Remotix development is driven by you and your feedback!

Remotix 7 for Android is $9.95 and available for purchase on the Google Play.

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