01 July

Remotix VNC Kiosk 3.0: Updated POS solution

Some weeks ago we announced it, and here it is, the updated version of our POS solution Remotix VNC Kiosk 3.0 for iOS. The app supports Linea, iMag and Magtek credit card readers that makes it a powerful tool for providing kiosk-style access to applications via VNC. Below is a list of all the new and updated features in the 3.0 version:

* Keyboard Toolbar

Many users have asked us to implement software keyboard in order to be able to type in Kiosk. We've ported one from our remote desktop tool Remotix. Enjoy!

* Auto-Reconnect Feature

If network connection is lost or Wi-Fi goes away Kiosk transparently tries to reconnect to the machine. This is especially useful on iPhones, where top button cuts off all network connections.

* The Latest SDK

We've updated the Infinite Peripherals (Infinea) SDK to the latest version (1.98).

* Swiftpoint GT Mouse Support

For those who like to use a mouse, the wait is over - Nulana and Swiftpoint would like to introduce you to the best travel mouse in the world, The Swiftpoint GT. This is a quality and award winning Bluetooth mouse that is comfortable, compact and clever and will now allow you to use your iPad or iPhone like a computer.

Please note, that Remotix Kiosk does not work with standard bluetooth mice and only has official support for Swiftpoint GT. Although Swiftpoint GT can pair with any iOS 8+ device; it requires explicit support from the app and is not a general mouse solution for iOS. Also, Swiftpoint is designed for right-handed users.

* iPad Pro, iPhone 6 Plus Support

Kiosk is now using native resolution on iPad Pro and all modern iPhone models, like 6S and 6S Plus.

* Connection Information

We've added HUD display of current connection parameters, including current rate, total bytes used and total time connected.

Remotix VNC Kiosk 3.0 is already available on the App Store.

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