Easily access all your computers from anywhere via NEAR, VNC or RDP.
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Install Remotix Agent on the target computer to access it from anywhere
  • @lewoge Hi! We discontinued Launcher two macOS versions ago. Currently there are no plans to revive it. Sorry.
  • @SunnyBTC Thanks! The message about subscription refers to Remotix Hub, which is currently free, because it’s beta.
  • Remotix 6 for Mac Beta3 is out! Notarized for Mac OS Catalina and now includes the tool to update your Remotix 5 M……
  • @KnightNZ Hi Steve! If you mean the security whitepaper, we’re working on it.
  • Uh oh, after the whole day of struggling with small issues, Remotix for Windows Beta1 is now available! Details at:……